MSI is not created after successful build

Nov 23, 2016 at 6:01 PM
Hi ,
I am using WIX # extension (WIXCustomUI) for the project for creating the MSI file.On rebuilding demo project ,MSI file will not be created in bin folder.
Please have a look at the code.

Both the project are in .net framework 4.5.
I added a reference to my main project in this setup project.
Can somebody please provide some getting started document.
static void Main()
        //DON'T FORGET to execute "Install-Package WixSharp" in the Package Manager Console

        var project = new ManagedProject("MyProduct",
                         new Dir(@"%ProgramFiles%\My Company\My Product",
                             new File("Program.cs")));

        project.GUID = new Guid("6fe30b47-2577-43ad-9095-1861ba25889b");

        //custom set of standard UI dialogs
        project.ManagedUI = new ManagedUI();



        project.UI = WUI.WixUI_InstallDir;

        //project.SourceBaseDir = "<input dir path>";
        //project.OutDir = "<output dir path>";

       // ValidateAssemblyCompatibility();

Nov 24, 2016 at 12:01 AM
After the successful build the msi file is created in the project directory.
When you add NuGet package VS displayed readme.txt with the brief instructions on how to set up and build your msi:
After building the project the corresponding .msi file can be found in the root project folder.

Tips and Hints:
If you are implementing managed CA you may want to set "Target Framework" to "v3.5" as the lower CLR version will help avoid potential conflicts during the installation (e.g. target system has .NET v3.5 only).

Wix# requires WiX Toolset (tools and binaries) to function properly. Wix# is capable of automatically finding WiX tools only if WiX Toolset installed. In all other cases you need to set the environment variable WIXSHARP_WIXDIR or WixSharp.Compiler.WixLocation to the valid path to the WiX binaries.
If you need more details then you can find some on this very website Wiki: