Move to GitHub?


Hey Oleg,

Love this project and appreciate all of your work. This is obviously a matter of opinion, but have you ever considered moving this project over to GitHub? IMO, it has a much richer feature set and UI. I can list them here but I think they're obvious...but maybe I'm just biased :).
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oleg_s wrote Sep 25, 2016 at 6:03 AM

Yes I have considered moving to GitHub. In fact 8 month ago I started the migration for my two major products CS-Script and Wix#. Though after completing the transition for CS-Script I had to postpone transition of Wix#. :(

The whole migration effort brought me made to the inconvenient realization that GitHub is a great for source management but it does very little for product management. Don't get me wrong I know GitHub is where the all cool kids are :) But to be honest, after I've done it for CS-Scripts I saw no benefits for users whatsoever.

As a maintainer my life would be a tinny bit better with GitHub but I do believe that by moving away from CodePlex I will sacrifice the convenience of my users.

I am not talking about UI. Yes I have slight preference for CodePlex but it's very subjective and not hugely important. My real concerns are the more fundamental GitHub limitations.
  • Releases are truly second class citizens.
  • Wiki is more consistent than CodePlex's one but also more limited.
    • No markup support
    • Hidden pages are impossible
    • Syntax highlight is limited
  • A product cannot even have a product main page. Source code can but product cannot.
Even despite all this I was still seriously committed for the move but then I just discovered the killer reason for pausing everything. GitHub doesn't support search within the product documentation! I am not joking, you cannot search within project Wiki. If one wants to do that he has only one option use Chrome+"Wiki Search for GitHub" extension.

Thus currently I see only potential in the split GitHub for source and something else for project management. Thogh CodePLex has both Git and an adequate project management)

Saying that, I actually want to see the reasons to move to GitHub I just cannot find them. I will keep this issue open. If it is upvoted and/or someone can demonstrate the benefits of the move I will gladly proceed with the move. Wix# GitHub project is already created and only waiting for the trigger to start going alive.

dguder wrote Nov 18, 2016 at 11:04 AM

Hi Oleg,

i currently have a cron job running to mirror WixSharp to Github.
I just want to share my findings:
  • Search is now also possible in wiki pages see: Github blog
  • You might think of creating an organization for each of your products. then you can have a product related page, as seen at Git for Windows
So far and many thanks for WixSharp

oleg_s wrote Nov 18, 2016 at 11:21 AM

Ironically I was just abut an hour away from posting an update for this one. I have decided to resume the migration effort. :)

And thank you, I will definitely look at "organization" option.

Anyway, since we are talking about it... What is your feel about not having any facility for general discussions but only an issue tracking system instead?

gmarz wrote Nov 18, 2016 at 2:05 PM

I personally think GitHub issues works well for both issue tracking as well as discussion. Especially with labels, you can create your own system for organizing and facilitating issues vs discussion/questions. I actually think it's nice to have everything in one easily searchable place.

That said, if you feel there's a strong need to have a separate forum for discussions, then perhaps something like a Discourse or Google Groups would fit the bill.

dguder wrote Nov 22, 2016 at 10:06 AM

Hi Oleg,

I think it would be easier to get "assistance" and "coding help" when located at Github.

An example for issues labeled with "discussion" could be seen at lizards-and-pumpkins repository.
If this is not enough then maybe http://ost.io/ might be an alternative to Discource and Google Groups.

oleg_s wrote Nov 23, 2016 at 12:32 AM

Thank you all for your input.

I explored the proposed solutions and this is my take on the possibilities:
  • Since GitHub implemented category specific content search (e.g. Wiki search) the issue is no longer relevant. Status - resolved
  • The impact of the absence of markup support is so minuscule that arguably shouldn't be even considered. Status - irrelevant
  • Somewhat limited C# syntax highlighting has very low impact on user experience.
    Status - irrelevant
  • Discussion board. Status - resolved
    • Dedicated labels seems to be an adequate approach, while not ideal. Will still trigger involuntarily integration with open/close and voting infrastructure.
    • Ost.io seems great though user experience can be improved - no preview of markdown is possible.
    • Discourse offers great user experience but too expensive. It offers free hosting only for extremely well established projects. The projects, which probably can afford hosting fees anyway :)
    • Gitter seems to be more tuned up for chat than for long standing discussions.
    • Google groups (I have it for CS-Script) seems OK but has no integration with GitHub.

The bottom line is:
  • I resume migration next week and it shouldn't take long to accomplish.
  • Project will use GitHub Discussion label as a simplistic substitute for discussion board.
  • Ost.io already has been integrated as a more comprehensive external discussion solution.
  • If the need for alternative discussion solution arise it can be implemented later on.