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The first publicly available version of Wix# was published in 2009 on CodeProject. The original CodeProject article along with the Oleg Shilo interview for InfoQ offer the best explanations of the reasons behind Wix#. They describe very well the problems and common deployment challenges that Wix# is trying to solve. They also provides a good overview of the existing deployment authoring solutions and approaches.

The Wix# documentation comes in the following forms:

  • XML code documentation
    XML documentation contains the code samples (embedded in the class summaries) as well as the complete description of all class members. While the code documentation is available in the form of API Reference CHM help file it is not intended to guide the developers through the development but rather assist with the codding.
  • Code samples
    Extensive collection of the code samples (<WixSharp>\Samples) from package in the Downloads section. This is the most useful source of information and the best way of learning Wix#. All samples are self-sufficient and cover an extremely wide range of the deployment scenarios. The code samples make a significant part of the total Wix# codebase volume.
  • CodePlex Wiki
  • Code Contribution Guideline
    A small set of development points to assist developers with contributing to the Wix# project 


Additional/External Documentation:

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