Do you have an existing easy way to detect that the installation has failed?

Dec 25, 2016 at 3:50 AM
Just wondering -- is there a way to detect a failed installation (while the installer is running)?

Eg, when I set the installation to perMachine, and the installation fails and the log points out that it's due to lack of Admin privileges, obviously I could make a utility that scans that log looking for any error. But as it is, it gives no obvious indication to your user and he clicks on "Finish" but realizes nothing got installed. I would like to throw up a message-box or enable a field on the last dialog.

Depending upon the particular machine, the user may get that UAC indication, but some configurations do not show that indication, or, the installation might fail for other reasons.

As always -- I deeply appreciate your work in building and supporting this great project. Thank you.

gratefully thine,

James Hurst
Dec 26, 2016 at 6:46 AM
It is an interesting one. It's impossible to know from the CA where MSI creates the log file for the current session. Neither MSI nor WiX doesn't provide any API for that. However if one is using Wix# Managed UI then the location is always deterministic. Thus if you use Custom UI sequence VS template you will see the link label on the Setup exit dialog. This link points to the corresponding log file.

Though I am not sure why do you need to do anything for that at all. Both MSI native and Wix# ManagedUI are clearly reporting the success (or failure) of the installation.