MSI is not created after successful build

Nov 23, 2016 at 6:01 PM
Hi ,
I am using WIX # extension (WIXCustomUI) for the project for creating the MSI file.On rebuilding demo project ,MSI file will not be created in bin folder.
Please have a look at the code.

Both the project are in .net framework 4.5.
I added a reference to my main project in this setup project.
Can somebody please provide some getting started document.
static void Main()
        //DON'T FORGET to execute "Install-Package WixSharp" in the Package Manager Console

        var project = new ManagedProject("MyProduct",
                         new Dir(@"%ProgramFiles%\My Company\My Product",
                             new File("Program.cs")));

        project.GUID = new Guid("6fe30b47-2577-43ad-9095-1861ba25889b");

        //custom set of standard UI dialogs
        project.ManagedUI = new ManagedUI();



        project.UI = WUI.WixUI_InstallDir;

        //project.SourceBaseDir = "<input dir path>";
        //project.OutDir = "<output dir path>";

       // ValidateAssemblyCompatibility();